Ways To Identify And Spot Carpenter Ant Queen

In many homes, the family is unaware of the hidden beasts that are invading the walls of their building. They excavate the woods of your house and make their nests within them. Most frequent places of their residence are near the moisture sources in the house. The carpenter ants consist of a colony of thousands of different types of ants of varied sizes and structures. The head of the colony is the queen ant and in order to stop the ants from reproducing, one must kill the queen and halt their progress.

What they look like?

The size of a fourmis charpentière may vary from very small to very large depending upon the type and the size of the colony. Mostly, they have a size of one-sixth of an inch along their length. Their color may also vary as red, black, brown and yellow. They have a structure that consists of a constricted waist and a bent antenna and it has one single node between the abdomen and thorax. The ants with wings must not be confused with termites as termites generally have a different body shape than this.

The queen

Mostly, it is very rare that one would ever encounter the queen of the colony. This is because the entire colony works for the protection of the queen of the colony. Therefore, it remains hidden inside the nest almost all the time. they have a size much more huge than other ants of the colony and may go up to one inch. There might also be more than one queen in the same colony. During the mating period, the queens go on a mating flight with the males. After the mating, the males die and the females shed their wings and goes into the nesting place to breed the eggs.

The treatment

If you encounter these carpenter ants in your household, here’s what you can do to treat them and rectify the problem:

  • Reduce the moisture in the household, especially the area where the ants are infested.
  • Replace the decayed wood, if there are too many of them.
  • Don’t store firewood in the home, keep them outside in a shed.
  • Use chemicals, if there are too many of them and the count keeps on increasing.


The carpenter ants can turn out to be a huge problem, if not treated with at the right time. The queen is the one for whom the entire colony lives for and works for. Therefore, you must make sure that the problem is dealt with at the right time and it is stopped from spreading further.

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