Six Amazing Decor Twists to Improve the Overall Look and Functionality of your Bedroom

Much of your living room or kitchen furniture can bring a new look to your bedroom.  These can include a dining room chair, a bar cart, and a chaise lounge. If you are looking to create your comfortable bedroom space dreamier, here are some accessory ideas you can consider:

Place a Chaise at the Foot of your Bed

In a lot of boutique hotels, you can find a chaise lounge at the foot of the bed to create a welcoming vacation-at-home ambiance in the bedroom. Positioning the chaise at the end of your bedroom keeps this piece functional since this is where you can rest more throw pillows or blankets or put on your shoes or place your tomorrow’s clothes. Visit for great options.

Put a Dining Side Chair as a Clothes Stand

Your bedroom needs a designated place for draping clothing you have worn or items that must be hanged. While a dining side chair does not have all the features of a conventional bedroom clothes stand, it can be a great place to put your jackets, folded sacks, or sweaters on.

Create your Own Bedside Table Twist

Bed carts can be great bedside tables. The majority of bed carts are as tall as night stands and look charming when filled with books, plants, and other stuff you usually want to place on a bedside table.

Make Use of an Entryway Table

Flexible foyer tables can fit into almost any bedroom. You just change a mirror above them, add an ottoman or chair and you can have an instant vanity. If you still have the space, have a pair of elongated nightstands.

Make a Striking Backdrop Using Patterned Curtains

Hanging patterned curtains above the headboard can create an attractive backdrop for your bed. This will imply a sense of depth and visually expands your ceiling. You can also try suspending any big swatch of sophisticated fabric, blanket, or rug behind the bed. This is an awesome twist that delivers the same amazing results.

Use a Multi-function Ottoman

There is more to the sturdy cushion usually used as a footrest in the living room than you may have thought. The one with storage can be quite handy for stashing more blankets or sheets. It can be positioned at the end of the bed as a vanity seating. Also, it can serve as a movable extra seating or a low bedside table.

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