French Windows- A Good Idea or Not?

What are French windows?

At times French windows are also called French doors because of their full length. They are large sized windows with large glass panes. The glass panes can be glassed but if we talk about traditional French windows then they are transparent.

French doors can be differentiated from patio doors one of the basic functionality. The patio doors open by sliding them left or right where as French windows open up outwards and inwards generally. This makes them the best option for small homes as they occupy less space than sliding doors which need extra space to slide and open.

French Windows Are Secure

French windows aren’t safe is a myth; the truth is that it is unsafe if not installed properly. French windows are made with great care and the glass is tested. However, when installing French windows use five-point lock instead of 3 point lock to lock the windows.

You may ask the French window seller of any precautions you need to take such as, avoid opening up windows during high winds. You can get it installed from professional for extra safety and a perfect setting rather than fixing it yourself.

Why chose French windows?

You must be fascinated by the idea of adding the French window to your home to add elegance but you are still not sure if it is a good idea. Then here are some of the reasons that will convince you.

1.   Easy access to Patio

With French windows, you can bring the outdoor fun inside the home. It will bring in the fresh air and refresh the room. You can get benefit from the daylight and warmth of the sun by just opening up the beautiful French windows.

They make up an aesthetically beautiful opening of the deck, patio or balcony; providing you more space to enjoy a brunch at your place. It also helps by providing more space so that things can move easily inside and outside the place.

2.   Let’s in the light and saves energy

 French windows are best at allowing light to flow into the room and lighting it up. The warmth of the sun can easily come in and saves up money on heating. It is best to enjoy the summer air, it would flow in the place and fill the room with pleasing summer smell. Just open up the windows and let the air and light come in and provide great ventilation.

Add elegance and beauty to your home

French windows add dramatic touch the home interior and exterior. They add continuity into the exterior and interior. If you are looking forward to adding style to your old home then add a set of large windows to the walls that will bring fresh air and light into the house and makes the home look modern and elegant. French windows make the outdoor garden an indoor experience because the glass plane gives a clear view of the outside.

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