Clothing brands that are moving in to interior design

Fashion has long has a strong influence on the design world, with many catwalk trends eventually finding their ways into our homes. The last few years, however, has particularly seen the two worlds interconnect, with the launch of interiors lines by clothing brands.
We can only conclude that clothing brands are working harder than ever to open up to a wider audience.

If you scroll through Instagram, you’re likely to see just as many picture-perfect homes as you are outfit snaps. In reaction to this, fashion retailers are looking to claim some of the interiors market by appealing to those trend-hungry millennial shoppers.

Over the spring ASOS have been busy creating their first own-brand homeware collection. This will sit alongside their selection of homeware accessories which includes bedding, cushions and rugs. New Look, Primark and Zara all already have their own homeware ranges.

Swedish giants H&M launched their home section as long back as 2009 and are known for its Scandinavian style at affordable prices. They also plan to open their first standalone stores soon. The company look set to expand their products to include a more comprehensive range of furniture and lighting, whereas currently you can only buy your accessories from H&M and need to go elsewhere for larger pieces – such as your bed from Divan Beds Centre.

A strong homeware brand collection allows retailers to strengthen their brand in the fight to become an all-in-one shop for customers.

French Connection’s focus on the younger generation’s on-trend interiors has helped make their homeware a fast-growing category. First launched in 2012, the revenue on their home collection grew by 7.6% year on year in the 12 months to 31 January 2018.

Lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters’ home collection has been designed to appeal to a whole range of customers, from kitting out university bedrooms to accessories for those who prefer the minimalist look.

We’re in a time where people are unable to move to a new house easily, and so to make up for this people refresh their interiors more regularly instead of moving. The younger generation is keen to purchase items such as stand out rugs, chairs and lighting to personalise and define their rental space.

Homeware has been a key area of focus for many different brands, and it’s all about creating a curated edit for customers – just the same as they do when working out what outfits and styles suit an individual.

With several well established clothing brands transitioning successfully into interior design, it seems likely that the trend will continue. Who will be next to follow the likes of H&M and ASOS?

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