Check These Quick Details Before Buying Commercial Popcorn Machines!

It is safe to say that popcorn is one of the best comfort foods around, and it sells everywhere. No matter whether you own a kiosk at a mall or sell popcorn somewhere on the street, you are bound to sell the product. With that said, selecting commercial popcorn machines can be confusing, given that there are a bunch of choices. In this post, we will talk about the styles that are available.

  • Countertop popcorn machines. These are standard ones that you find in the market, and these usually have a glass construction. These are pretty easy to use if you want to stick to a position.
  • Freestanding machines. If you like to go for freestanding commercial popcorn machines, the choices are more than many. These can be self-serve ones or something that’s designed to that retro feel.
  • Popcorn carts. If you want to keep the business on wheels quite literally, this is what you need. Popcorn carts are designed to run on battery or gas, especially for areas where electricity is not available.
  • The commercial air-poppers. Well, as most people are getting conscious about their health, commercial air-poppers are becoming obvious inclusions for businesses. You can find a bunch of choices that are designed to product popcorn in bulk.

About buying one

First and foremost, evaluate the purpose of the popcorn machine and the kind of sales you are expecting each, which helps in determining the size. For serving the masses at stadiums, sports arenas and theatres, you need a bigger machine with capacity of at least 16 oz, which can assure close to 300 servings a day. Vendors dealing in commercial popcorn machines will be more than happy to assist and help you with the choice of models, and you can select one based on your needs. If it’s a new business or side one, you don’t need something huge or expensive. Maintenance is one of the other factors to consider. Some products like warmer trays and butter dispensers must be cleaned on a regular basis, but what needs more attention is the choice of repairs. You need a vendor that can offer good support beyond the sale.

If you are ordering more than one commercial popcorn machine, make sure to get an estimate in advance, and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions, as required. This is an investment that should last for the assured period.

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